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Located in:  Heads Up Salon, Southlands Mall

24301 E. Orchard Rd  Aurora Colorado 80016  Closed Thursday and Sundays                

Lisa Small Spa-ah, Inc. 

Heads Up Salon

24301 E. Orchard Rd. 

Aurora, Colorado   80016


Call or Text: 303-667-3716


Botanial Sciences Private Label Skin Care

Luxury on a budget. Privately labeled, with the ability to be customized to your personal skin type, issues and needs, these products are simply the best, with instant, noticeable results. Extremely low in allergens for even the most sensitive skin. Pleasant, but not over-whelming scents. Feels amazing on your skin, hydrating, non-greasy moisture, lasting the entire day.

Our formulas were created with one purpose: to be the best. We include the finest quality, highest performing ingredients in the highest concentrations that yield the desired results. We began our development process with a focus on high concentrations of standardized botanical extracts backed by clinical testing. Over time we included the latest technologies that have enhanced the efficacy of our formulas, e.g. peptides. Because we focus on high-end skin care only, we can provide these products and a value point significantly better than any branded line.